Mechatronics, manufacturing of machines

With our decades-long programming, software development and mechanical experience, we are capable of carrying out development and execution works in the following fields:
  • Package moving, closing, labelling and sorting systems in warehouses.
  • Preparation and folding of carton boxes and packaging materials.
  • Automation of assembly lines.

Water and wastewater treatment

We are in the possession of outstanding technical experience in the automation of water and wastewater treatment systems. We can provide complete and modern solutions for the entire water cycle using process control, automation and SCADA solutions. Indirectly, every second Hungarian person is in contact with us through our systems that are installed by us on the water supply network.  
  • Water production, treatment and distribution:
    • Production
    • Treatment
    • Engine-rooms
    • Networks
  • Wastewater treatment, sewerage networks:
    • Networks
    • Pumping stations 
    • Treatment
    • Monitoring

Water management systems

The most striking indicators of climate change are to be found in the fields of water resource management, the preservation of our water qualities and the recognition and management of our boundaries. We have to be ready to handle effects of climate change in order to be able to intervene at the right place and time. 
It is extremely important to be in the possession of precise, comprehensive and timely data about our water systems. We are able to help to achieve these goals by the provision of complex water management systems, including data display, inquiry, analysing and monitoring options supported by various informatic solutions.
  • Water resource management with web-based data display system
  • "Little" Lake Balaton monitoring system

Airport systems

It is an inevitable condition for the operation of large airports that handle a significant amount of passenger traffic on a daily basis to have weather-independent lighting systems on their runways and taxi ways. In addition to the actual illuminations, these lamps and lamp-clusters have a significant role in the regulation of ground-air traffic. They are responsible for controlling the safety gap between the planes, the stop and give away signs at crossroads and the access points to the runways. On the runways, certain lamp-clusters play a significant role in the take-off and landing of planes: marking the centreline, setting the landing angle and landing point, etc. During the above-mentioned functions, it is extremely important that the system runs in a stable and safe way at the beginning of each and every manoeuvre. For this stable performance, the redundancy has to be provided up to the lamp level.

We can take care of the complete design and manufacturing of control systems and the development of control programmes.

Hail damage repelling systems

In 2018, a hail damage repelling system was deployed in Hungary, covering the entire territory of the country. In a 10x10 km grid-network, 986 ground generators were installed out of which 222 pcs are automated, whereas the remaining units are controlled manually.
Within the framework of this project, we carried out the following tasks:
  • Manufacturing and installation of the automated equipment.
  • Development of a central webSCADA supervision software for the operation of the automatic and manual ground generators.
  • Development of an Android based mobile application for informing the operators of the manual equipment. 
The operation of the system is based on the forecasts of the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ). The central software receives three messages per day about the expected hail storms. Three hours before the actual alarm, the software sends a command to the automated units via GPRS connection and to the operators of the manual equipment via SMS to start-up the units. With the up-right flow of the warm air, the launched ground generators release silver-iodide into the atmosphere that is totally harmless to the environment. This substance prevents the formation of larger hail balls.

District heating & heating systems

Full-scale installation and commissioning of the control system of district heating networks that includes the following areas:
  • Process control and process supervision systems of the heating stations.
  • PLC controlled process management of the heating centres.
  • Collection, display and inquiry of the data from the instruments that are responsible for process supervision.

Automation within the car manufacturing industry

We have an outstanding experience in the programming of robotic groups that work along the automotive assembling lines in the following fields:
  • Connecting the spare parts fitting, adhesive, piercing and welding robots of the various working stations to the station PLC.
  • Programming of safety PLCs.
  • Synchronization of the movement of robot arms.
  • Collection and transmission of data related to operation.

Oil & gas industry, utility grids

We are developing various display software for the oil and gas industry that are capable of commonly displaying the different parameters of the booster stations along the pipeline network.

Street lighting system

We are capable of providing lighting systems in public places and industrial premises as well as we can provide various unique decor and building illumination solutions.

Digital agriculture, irrigation

Modern agriculture cannot be imaged nowadays without digital technologies. With the help of these system, the OPEX cost and environmental impacts can be reduced and incomes can be increased.

The automation of irrigation systems can greatly contribute to water savings and to the reduction of liquid fertilizers. The central SCADA supervisor software of the automated irrigation system is responsible for receiving and processing soil moisture data, for regulating the fertilizer stirrer and for controlling the irrigation water. The software also allows for remote control and access via cell phones.

Building electricity, electrical installation works, automation

The comfort and security features of today’s modern office buildings are provided by complex automation systems, which are supervised via operator centers.

We are capable of installing the following systems:
  • Central control systems
  • Entry-exit systems for offices and hotels
  • Fire protection systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Control of HVAC systems
  • Information systems

Software development

During our software development projects, we are preparing such solutions that are in full compliance with the expected working processes and goals and that are based on our decades-long experience and the high expectations of our clients.

We are in the possession of significant references regarding the development of technical information systems, process control systems and portal-based information systems.

Applied technologies:
  • Backend development (.NET, Node.JS, Java)
  • Web development (HTML, Javascript, Typescript, CSS)
  • Desktop applications (.NET, Delphi,Java)
  • Development of Android applications