Working together for technicians in dual training

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Our company will be 30 years old in 2021. We already know that our achievements and successes so far can be attributed to our well-trained and committed employees. Several generations, engineers and technicians alike have worked and are still working at Controlsoft Ltd. In order to continuously ensure our supply of well-trained engineers and technicians, we have been participating in their practical training for years. Our company also has dual training site accreditation, and we receive and educate electrician, IT and mechatronic students from vocational schools of Veszprém within the framework of practical training.
Now we have taken another step. Last week, our company signed a cooperation agreement with the Industrial Technical School of the Veszprém Vocational Training Center, supporting the new vocational training processes along the “Industry 4.0” strategy.

In addition to enabling the purchase of 12 Siemens PLCs, Controlsoft Ltd will also assist teachers and students in the construction and operation of the network in the mechatronics laboratory that is to be established soon in the school. “According to managing director Dr. Miklós Berzsenyi, the transformation of the vocational training programme is very much supported, as it allows students to be more familiar with the real expectations of the industry and the required knowledge. It is very important to realize that it is not enough to employ good engineers, we also need well-trained technicians working at the intermediate level, which can only be provided by modern training tools starting from the very beginning.”
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